Thus everything caught on ...

Radio-waves have fascinated me since my early childhood. My career aspirations were therefore to become a radio astronomer. Unfortunately Meine erste Station unter DM3ZZM im Jahre 1964that was not possible in my youth. So, if I could not receive radiowaves from outside the earth, perhaps even from "extraterrestrial ones", I at least wanted such waves to produce to be able to use them  in our real world for communication .
After the first broadcast recording attempts with Crystal Broadcast Receivers in the early 1950's, in which I used crystals out of my fathers mineral collection secretly as crystal detectors, in 1953 I built my first short wave receiver, a type "0-V-1" with the legendary RV12 P2000. In such a way I began  as a short wave listener (SWL).  I listened in on many QSO, sent my SWL-report under the self-given listener number "DM-SWL/M " and even invented with the request for confirmation by direct QSL.
The picture to the left was taken in 1964, after I got my first amateur radio  license under the call  DM3ZZM as a co-user of the club station DM3ZM .
With this homemade amateur radio equipment I could bridge much more than 100 km  with fewer as 50 mW outputs and a selfmade six element Yagi antenna on the 2 m-band .
That equipment consisted of a VHF signal generator (on the right), which was modulated by a modulation amplifier MV23 (centre). As the receiver I used the  famous tube converter by DM2ADJ  and behind that a short wave receiver "Radione-R3" (left). On the right in the picture is the controller for the antenna rotator "Planet".
There  were no radios to buy  at that time. Who ever wished to transmit  had  to build his radiostation by himself.

1977 I got the individual call DM2AWM.

Below is a picture of my Shack under my call Y21WM in 1982. On the left  is the 10 m-band PA, in the centre  the SSB-exciter and on the right  my 2m-SSB-Transceiver.

Everything " home-brewed "!

Y21WM in the 1980's
More than fifty awards prove activities  in the 1980's.