TF / DM2AWM -  DXpedition Iceland 2002

Iceland       CQ zone  40        ITU zone  17        IOTA EU-021

Iceland is Europe's westernmost country and the second largest island in the North Atlantic Ocean. The interior of the country contains stunning contrasts. It is largely an arctic dessert, punctuated with mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers. Glaciers cover twelve per cent of the total area of the country. But the Gulfstream causes a relatively mild coastal climate.
The first settlers came to Iceland from Norway and Ireland in the 9th century.
Iceland is only sparesely populated.

TF/DM2AWM at polarcircle on the island of  "Grimsey" My TF-QSL shows  Icebergs on the Glacier Lagoon "Jökulsárlón" 
Background: Europes biggest Glacier "Vatnajökull"
Wodi (TF/DM2AWM) and Billy (TF5BW) (Camping Site Akureyri) Wodi (TF/DM2AWM) and Billy (TF5BW)
Radio scout trainer Valtýr (TF3VG) and Wodi (TF/DM2AWM) Scout-Camp "Hamrar" near Akureyri (North-Iceland)


Wodi (TF/DM2AWM) and Johann (TF6JZ)  from Neskaupstaður Avalanche-protection (Lawinenschutz) Neskaupstaður (East-Iceland)
Látrabjarg, the westernmost point of Europe
Petri Heil !
Astra-TV (110cm sat-dish)   near Strandarkirkja  (South Iceland)
The solfataren area Hverarönd near lake Mývatn  (North Iceland)

TF / DH0LWM - DXpedition Iceland 1998

That's me, Wodi, at "Dranga Glacier" 
most northwest part of Iceland
 DXpedition 1998  TF-QSL
direct QSL Address:
Wodi Graupner
Puechauer Str. 5
D-04827 Machern

Federal Republic of Germany

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