Spanielshof - my Contest - QTH                           

Spanielshof   QTH-Locator JO63CV                                                                                                                             German

Spanielshof is a typical old farm in Mecklenburg, in the north-east part of Germany. The farm lies about 40 km south of the Hanseatic town Rostock. You will not find it on any topographic map.
The exact geographic coordinates for Google Earth are  53° 53’ 16.10“ N and 12° 10’ 52.50” E.

No roads lead to this place, only a small lane in  the throes of meadowland and agriculture areas. So it lies pristine in the beautiful nature of Mecklenburg.
During my school vacations in 1953, I came, as a pale city child, first time to that place.
Klaus, the son of the farmer, fetched me, after a very long train ride, at the train hold point “Mistorf” and drove me on a horse car onto the lane to the farm.
I was fascinated !
More than 60 hectares farmland, untold animals, agricultural equipment and hundreds of meters electrical pasture fence with high-hanging inlets.
This was the ideal antenna for a young short-wave listener, coming from a large city,

... if, of course, the pasture fence equipment was deactivated ... ! 

With my home-brewed  0-V-1 I listened in on many QSO from there.
After I got licensed in 1964, this place became my favourite contest-QTH.

Now, after nearly sixty years, Klaus and me are good friends still and I use this place also today for many contests. 
Der Bauernhof "Spanielshof" liegt im Tal westlich vom Tannenkopf
Mein neues Contest-QTH, am Tannenkopf.  20m überr NN !
40m GP mit Wildzaun als "Radials" Mittelmast der 79m Doppel-Windom
Sunrise: 10/15/20m Vertikaldipol am Glasfasermast von "DX-Wire" 79m lange Doppelwindom vor der aufgehenden Sonne

Die Tiere leben hier wie in einem Tierpark. Mein DX-Cluster !  Vielleicht habe ich Schwein. Trüffel oder DX ?!
Telefonmasten als Halterung für eine 400m lange Beverage-Antenne !
    18m hohe Kiefer am Tannenkopf ideal zur Abspannung von Antennen
CQ-Mir 2003    1.Platz in DL
Müde und geschafft - aber nach dem Contest ist vor dem Contest!
Frank, DM2ELM, (li) und mein alter Freund Klaus, der Bauer von "Spanielshof"
Klaus hat mir diesen riesigen Wohnwagen zur Verfügung gestellt.
Frank hat mir bei notwendigen Instandsetzungsarbeiten geholfen.
Danke Euch beiden!