Deluxe 300 Watt Tuner

Full 1.8-30 MHz Operation
1000 volt tuning capacitors, extra heavy duty inductor switch, Teflon® insulating washers and proper L/C ratio gives you arc-free no worries operation with up to 300 watts from 1.8 to 30 MHz.

Lighted Cross-Needle Meter
The lighted Cross-Needle Meter shows you SWR, forward and reflected power simultaneously. It reads both peak and average power on 300 or 30 watt ranges.
The meter is illuminated for easy reading in dim light and has an ON/OFF lamp switch. The meter lamp uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with optional AC adapter MFJ-1312C.

Tunes any Antenna
The MFJ-949E tunes out SWR on dipoles, verticals, inverted vees, random wires, beams, mobile whips, shortwave receiving antennas . . . nearly anything!

Use coax feed, random wire or balanced lines. Has oversized heavy duty 4:1 balun.

Super Antenna Switch
 8 position super antenna switch lets you select two coax fed antennas, random wire/balanced line or built-in dummy load for use through your MFJ-949E or direct to your transceiver.

 Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter is always active for monitoring forward and reflected power and SWR.

QRM-Free PreTune™
 PreTune™ lets you pre-tune your MFJ-949E off-the-air into a built-in dummy load without causing QRM.

Pre-tuning into a dummy load makes tuning your actual antenna faster and easier.

Full Size Dummy Load
The MFJ-949E has a full size non-inductive 50 ohm dummy load measuring 3/4 inch diameter by 5 inches. It easily handles 300 watts of abusive tune-up power.