MFJ Tunable DSP Filter

         The tunable super DSP filter automatically eliminates heterodynes, reduces noise and interference simultaneously on
         SSB,  AM, CW, Packet, AMTOR, PACTOR, RTTY, SSTV, WeFAX, FAX, weak signal VHF, EME, satellite
         -- nearly any mode.
Five  tunable DSP filters. You can tune each lowpass, highpass, notch, and bandpass filter including optimized SSB and CW filters. You can vary the bandwidth to pinpoint and eliminate interference.

Five factory preset filters and 10 programmable preset filters that you can customize. Instantly remove QRM with the turn of a switch!

Automatic notch filter that searches for and eliminates multiple heterodynes.

Advanced adaptive noise reduction. It silences background noise and QRN so much that SSB signals sound like local FM.

Automatic notch and adaptive noise reduction can be used with all relevant tunable preset filters in milli-seconds. It's so fast, that even interfering CW and RTTY signals can also be eliminated.

Automatic gain control (AGC) keeps audio levels constant during signal fade.